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Check Out 5 Auctions Taking Place Right Now!

 At  Don Rose Auction & Realty , we are your number one contact for  estate and asset auctions in the greater Toledo area . Currently, we've got a handful of auctions going on. From real estate to auto to commercial liquidation, you're likely to find something worth bidding on this week at Don Rose Auction & Realty. Get the details here! About Our Online Auction Our online auctions are held on the  Don Rose Auction & Realty website . You can find information on items and bidding under the headline  “Upcoming Auctions”  on the home page of the website. Again, visit our website for all terms and conditions.  Here are a few important points to keep in mind: *Make sure your payment account information is up-to-date. *If you purchase a lot, you must take all the items in the lot that you purchase. *Please make sure you will be able to pick up your purchased items at the designated pick up times. *You will have to obtain a username and password in order to bid. *All bids

What You Need to Know About Auctioning Real Estate

At  Don Rose , we recognize that there are many people who have never sold or bid in an auction before, and that each auctioneer has their own rules and regulations regarding the selling and bidding processes. We take pride in hosting  online auctions  for the areas surrounding Toledo, OH. We don’t only host asset auctions, we also sell and auction  real estate in Toledo, OH, and the surrounding areas . In this week’s blog, the  team at Don Rose Auction & Realty  have provided answers to questions you may have when auctioning real estate with Don Rose Auction & Realty. AUCTIONING REAL ESTATE THROUGH DON ROSE Why Should I Sell My Property Using the Auction Method? The auction method accelerates the sale of your property by generating additional consumer interest and activity. Non-contingent contracts and projected thirty-day settlements are required of all buyers of auctioned properties. This means a quick transaction for you. When Will My Auction Be Held? The advantage of the a

Meet the Don Rose Real Estate Team!

At  Don Rose Auction and Realty , we are your “One Call that Does It All!”  Real estate and auction services company . We offer our services throughout the entire NW Ohio region with years of specialized experience in the entire Toledo metropolitan area which includes Wood, Sandusky, Lucas, Fulton, Henry, and Defiance counties to name a few. We pride ourselves in answering our phones 24/7 to keep a consistent line of communication open. Our team of full time professional experts will assist you in navigating through the entire sale process from start to finish. For more information, please contact us TODAY! We provide free consultations! Our Real Estate Agents At Don Rose Auction & Realty we have 4 team members who actively practice real estate, each specializing in a different sector of the field. This allows us to be able to pair you with the right agent for the type of property you're looking to buy or sell, so they can utilize their knowledge and experience to the fullest e